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TTM Ticketless Travel Monitoring

ITAL brings two options for businesses looking to streamline their revenue protection systems:

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What was required:

Train operatives and revenue protection staff are required to check tickets and permits to travel at railways stations and on trains. This system requires a quick and efficient method, not just to issue penalties and fines as required, but to capture valuable data in order to highlight individuals or problem routes/areas for longer-term management.

Abellio Greater Anglia approached ITAL for a comprehensive data capture solution for location, route, value of issued tickets, and the number of tickets checked, alongside a back-office reporting system to generate key insights into passenger and revenue flows. The solution needed to be designed to meet the Department for Transport’s own measurement standards for ticketless travel surveys.

The below screenshots illustrate how the Ticketless Travel survey works:

TTM screen 1
TTM screen 2
TTM screen 3
TTM screen 4

What we did:

ITAL worked with Abellio Greater Anglia to develop a purpose-built quarterly ticketless travel monitoring workflow application. ITAL’s existing FormBuilder app was the foundation for data capture, alongside a custom reporting framework:

  • Train crews can work their shift, capturing data via ITAL’s FormBuilder app, in real-time, populating and generating more accurate ticketless travel scenarios.
  • Ticketless Travel Reports show:
    • Route
    • Time band to enable ticketless travel to be monitored over certain dates or within specific time bands
    • Tickets issued and value
    • Penalties issued and value
    • MG11's issued
    • Number of passengers checked to calculate % of ticketless travel.
  • Reports easily exported into an Excel spreadsheet
  • Standard management information reports reveal:
    • Individual inspector averages
    • Individual daily breakdown / team breakdown
    • Station Summary
    • Daily Duty Monitoring


  • The ticketless travel monitoring system was implemented within 10 weeks across the whole Greater Anglia rail network
  • Training was delivered to all staff via a train the trainer approach
  • £300,000 per year instant saving was generated as third party agency fees were removed while still securing the same results
  • Improved management information has allowed Abellio Greater Anglia to confirm "a considerable amount of money" has been saved
  • The simplification of the reporting system has allowed the company to utilise their own staff for ticketless travel monitoring, rather than having to revert to more costly third party solutions
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