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Sheila Evolution

SHEILA Evolution brings time, cost and scheduling efficiencies that drive better franchise performance

We strive to bring our core principles of Efficiency, Modernisation & Reputation to deliver a quality services to all our customers – with Sheila Evolution we will deliver;

  • Real-time data on delays, incidents and crew positions - faster decision-making and fewer knock-on delays.
  • Instant information sharing - seamless crew and stock mobilisation and significant reduction in paper-based schedule management.
  • Immediate updates to crew schedule cards – improved productivity and smoother service operation.

Designed and developed by ITAL, a specialist software company with its roots in the rail industry, SHEILA Evolution is an intelligent, user-friendly tool that allows train operating companies to better manage delays, report faults or incidents and manage train crew to keep delays to a minimum.

How does SHELIA Evolution do this?


Robust digital crew management from proven rail industry software experts.

SHEILA Evolution is brought to the industry by ITAL, an experienced software solutions company with particular expertise in the rail sector. Innovative and experienced, ITAL focus is on helping organisations modernise their systems, helping everyone to have a better working day.

SHEILA Evolution is designed to modernise the control room and the train cab, using real-time information gathering to pro-actively manage crew scheduling, deliver faster and more accurate incident reporting.


Smoother timetabling and real-time train crew management.

An efficient franchise is a successful franchise. Reducing the time and cost of crew management makes your operation leaner and improves your bottom line. It’s an essential part of your business and managing it well not only results in measurable savings, but in an improvement to your service to customers.

SHEILA Evolution helps you to make better decisions – and to make them faster, reducing delays and improving franchise performance. Compatible with all existing rail software systems, it’s easy to install, easy to use and delivers the efficiencies you’re looking for.


Demonstrate your commitment to customer service and improve your on-time performance.

Your customers are your biggest cheerleaders – and your most vocal critics. Every rail franchise wants to provide the best possible service to customers, both in terms of the timetable and the person-to-person service they receive.

SHEILA Evolution helps you to keep things on the move. Better crew management means more services run on time, and even those that don’t are delayed for less time. You’ll be able to provide real-time updates to customers, helping them to make informed decisions about their journey, and show them that you are placing their experience at the top of your agenda.

"We have been working with ITAL on the SHEILA Evolution project and it has been encouraging to work with the development team who have demonstrated that they truly understand how the railway operates and the problems we need to resolve on a daily basis."
Kenneth M. Moore
LCGI, MinstLM. Senior IT Service Delivery Manager, Greater Anglia