Imagine running the best-performing rail franchise in the UK

SHEILA Evolution brings time, cost and scheduling efficiencies that drive better franchise performance.

Ease some of the complexities of your current rail franchise with SHEILA Evolution. Designed by rail industry experts, SHEILA Evolution uses the latest digital technology to help your franchise manage train crew scheduling across your entire network.

This technology drives improvements in productivity, significantly reduces time wasted on manual procedures and crew timetable organisation and helps you to improve your franchise’s reputation with the regulator, with government and with your customers.

Train crew management is one of the most complex areas of your franchise. It also has the most impact on your performance and your customers – so why not take advantage of an advanced crew-management system that helps you to perform more efficiently?

Features and benefits

SHEILA Evolution is packed with intelligent features that drive real franchise benefits:

  • Real-time data on delays, incidents and crew positions - faster decision-making and fewer knock-on delays.
  • Instant information sharing - seamless crew and stock mobilisation and significant reduction in paper-based schedule management.
  • User-friendly app available on fixed cabin tablet - technology that meets safety case and union requirements.
  • Immediate updates to crew schedule cards – improved productivity and smoother service operation.

Designed and developed by ITAL, a specialist software company with its roots in the rail industry, SHEILA Evolution is an intelligent, user-friendly tool that allows train operating companies to better manage delays, report faults or incidents and manage train crew to keep delays to a minimum.

We have been working with ITAL on the SHEILA Evolution project and it has been encouraging to work with the development team who have demonstrated that they truly understand how the railway operates and the problems we need to resolve on a daily basis.

Kenneth M. Moore - LCGI, MinstLM. Senior IT Service Delivery Manager, Greater Anglia

Speech mark

Complex transport providers in other sectors, including the commercial airline industry, use crew management systems to great effect. By adopting SHEILA Evolution, rail franchises demonstrate industry leadership, a desire to bring train operating companies into the 21st century and a commitment to better customer service.

  • Real-time updates, crew scheduling and timetable recovery
  • Immediate data on the cause of any delay
  • Management reporting that gives specific insights into operations
  • Smart technology speeds up crew processes, removing the need for a paper trail
  • Staff, customers and franchise stakeholders see a clear improvement in efficiency
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