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ITAL’s detailed knowledge of the rail industry has resulted in Sheila Evolution Train Crew Management System; the joined-up solution putting our railway network on the fast track.

Sheila Evolution from ITAL is a smart, web-based programme that enables real-time train, timetable and incident information sharing, instantly connecting drivers, managers and controllers. This faster and better collaboration results in quicker and more informed decisions, simpler short-notice timetable alterations, fewer delays and far fewer customer complaints.

Sheila Evolution: The name behind the modern railway

The heritage of the UK’s railway system is one to be proud of. However, in recent years, the technological advances have been less assured. The Sheila Evolution Train Crew Management system was created to respond to many of the modern-day challenges facing rail industry managers:

  • Improved information sharing and data capture that leads to demonstrable improvements in train performance
  • Better management reporting that generates real insights into ways to improve productivity
  • Faster and simpler ways to get things done – relying on IT and smart solutions instead of phones and paper
  • Utilising the technical innovations of the modern world to bring improvements to staff and customers

Sheila is always evolving. Since its original inception, we have continuously improved the technology, based on user experience, integration with existing systems and new possibilities with smarter technology. As a result, our Sheila system is one of the small revolutions taking place in the rail industry.

We have been working with ITAL on the SHEILA Evolution project and it has been encouraging to work with the development team who have demonstrated that they truly understand how the railway operates and the problems we need to resolve on a daily basis.

Kenneth M. Moore - LCGI, MinstLM. Senior IT Service Delivery Manager, Greater Anglia

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There isn't one particular reason to employ Sheila Evolution to keep your rail schedule on track. There are many...

With drivers, controllers and schedules tightly joined up, you can easily adjust manpower and timetables to recover service quickly and prevent incidents rolling on into disruptive delays:

  • Drivers have fingertip information on a web-based app, with real-time schedule amendments, delay attribution and personal safety notification right from the cab
  • Control room operators receive faster information, enabling quicker decisions during disruptions, with the ability to email short notice planning alterations, instead of wasting time on the phone
  • Drivers are in communication throughout their shift and can send real-time information. In return, drivers are instantly located and requests are confirmed and actioned
  • Easier processing of train crew diagrams, with PDFs sent via emails for more instant updates
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