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Diagram Validation

Daphne is railway specific software which puts an end to manual diagram validation and optimises the productivity of existing diagrams.

Daphne software currently validates over 5,000 diagrams a year for train operators who are looking to make faster and simpler diagram changes and variances, saving many hours of manual checking.

Either as a stand-alone system, or when used in conjunction with our train crew software Sheila, Daphne brings speed and productivity enhancements to manual and time-consuming processes. With Daphne software, train operators are assured that new plans are compliant and optimised, and existing plans are bringing the best productivity to both people and train planning.

Daphne Diagram Validation from ITAL

Why 4 train operators currently use Daphne to make their timetable validations simple.

ITAL’s stand-alone software makes validating timetables fast and efficient so real-time changes in the event of disruption, or future contingencies for planned events such as engineering works, can be more simply achieved.

The software works by instantly checking against the existing compendium rules and flagging up any gaps or overlaps. Daphne checks new timetable planning against both the schedule and crew diagrams to ensure the proposed change will be seamless. It acquires the base diagram data from your VoyagerPlan database, updating itself regularly throughout the day.

Daphne diagram validation software can be used to:

  • Test changes to voyager plan diagrams up to six months in advance
  • Test proposed solutions to emergency timetable changes in the event of disruption (in conjunction with ITAL’s train crew planning software Sheila)
  • Quickly validate against compendium rules (schedule and crew diagrams)
  • Check diagrams comply with regulations – from health & safety rules to union agreements
  • Build a report to measure productivity eg how long driver/customer spends waiting
  • Provide management information to analyse productivity improvements and train performance
  • Provide management information to understand the productivity of staff resource allocation
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