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Back to our roots – A New Direction for Train Travel

Fifteen years ago ITAL was created after a group of railway and IT professionals realised there had to be a simpler way to manage complex railway processes.

Today ITAL brings sector-specific expertise to a variety of industries, but still with the same level of insight and understanding that ensures efficiencies are possible in every corner of the industry. From car-parking to security, and of course, predominantly to the railway sector, ITAL brings proven technology solutions that have not only saved time and money but at times, revolutionised the sector in which we work.

Sheila train crew management

Sheila Evolution

Train Crew Management

When train drivers, the team in the control room, resource managers; in fact when everyone can connect and collaborate online; when everybody’s always in touch and ready to act; when (incident) info is instant and clear, when timetable alterations are quick and easy; when decisions get decided fast; and when there’s no disruption, delay or complaint, you have a train and timetable management system fit for the century we travel in.

Daphne diagram validation


Diagram Validation

Manual diagram validation becomes a thing of the past with Daphne validation software which verifies and optimises the productivity of existing diagrams. With many hours of manual checking saved, Daphne, implemented as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with Sheila train crew software, instantly checks the compliance and optimisation of new and existing diagrams, bringing the best productivity to both people and train planning.

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