PayMe Web from ITAL makes payment processing smart and simple.

This secure payment service authenticates the cardholder at the time of the transaction, unlike many traditional on-line payment methods which are processed overnight as part of a batch ‘card not present’ system. This means if funds are not available, ITAL’s PayMe Web can flag the issue at the time of purchase, reducing the possibility of fraudulent card use and reducing exposure to disputed card transactions.

PayMe Web takes the complexity out of payment processing by:

  • Delivering a totally secure processing system that meets the payment industry’s most stringent security requirements, bringing confidence to both business and their customer
  • Offering customers’ a 24/7 service as payments can be made any time using this simple, easy to use web service
  • Integrating into your existing company website systems and databases

PayMe Web is part of the suite of PayMe payment solutions from ITAL and is available as a stand-alone service or integrated with other services to resolve all your payment needs.

PayMe web
PayMe Mobile

PayMe Mobile

Field Agents

Take payments with confidence anywhere with or without a mobile data signal

PayMe Operator

PayMe Operator

Call Centre

Payments and payment plans linked with your own company databases and systems

PayMe Auto

PayMe Auto

Open All Hours

24 hour telephone payment lines linked to your own company databases and systems

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