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Mercury Prosecution Software

ITAL Group has developed a software solution to provide you with a secure application for the management of your data.

Mercury Prosecution Software, which is used for the handling of prosecution cases, can be tailored to suit your business functions allowing for multiple case types and processes to be handled in one place. The concept of the system is to assist with efficiency savings where possible and to provide a full case tracking management system to enable you to assess and monitor activity within your business.

These are the key features:

Configurable Workflows

Data Analytics

Data Integration with External Systems

Bulk Management Facility

Secure User Management

Further benefits of Mercury Prosecution Software

We always strive for great results and do our best to meet our customers’ needs.

Automated Track Case Management Functionality

Our software acts as the communication portal into the Magistrates Court Case Management Database, it provides a two-way channel to effectively monitor your cases progress, making simple withdrawals, accessing/uploading mitigation and a return of your results.

Court Management Tool

All court proceedings can be managed within the system allowing for a full tracking of the history of case events, including the results. Allows for data entry for all required elements including Arrest Warrants, Adjournments and Statutory declarations.

"The Prosecutions Database is a fantastic system that allows us to do our job efficiently. It is an intelligent system that can aid in searches with minimal information. It enables us to assign paperwork quickly and in bulk. The support that we receive for the system is second to none."
Jane Virgo
Prosecutions Team Leader, South Western Railway
"Mercury logs and breaks down every single step we go through to manage a case, starting with the initial call made to the ITAL helpdesk, right through to prosecution at court. This allows us to better see the current status of a case and he next steps that need to be taken."
Josh Fewtrell
c2c Prosecutions Manager