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Reliable Payment Solution​

Businesses who are becoming increasingly concerned to mitigate the risks of card payments on mobile devices are looking to ITAL Pay as one of a suite of ITAL Pay technologies to offer a secure, PCI DSS Compliant solutions to the increasing demand for mobile payment options. ITAL Pay is a reliable and efficient payment solution for field agents because:

Take Payments Anywhere

Taking payments with confidence anywhere with or without a mobile data signal. Perfect for field agents who are required to take payments while on the move, ITAL Pay allows mobile payment processing with or without a mobile data signal. *

*Subject to card issuer’s terms and conditions.

PCI DSS Compliance

Companies which accept credit card payments as part of their day to day operation are required to ensure their processes are PCI DSS or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliant.

This can be an additional burden for companies who want to adhere to the data security standards that PCI DSS compliance brings, but find that the application of compliance is often beyond their own scope.

ITAL Pay removes the strain because with ITAL Pay solutions, all credit card transactions are completed within an accredited secure area, in effect descoping your business from PCI DSS compliance by ensuring it is already integrated to your ITAL Pay solution.

Other payment solutions

There are other payment solutions offered by ITAL company


Website payments

Integrated into your company website and databases


Ital operator

Payments and payments plans linked with your own company databases and systems


Open all hours

24 hour telephone payments lines linkedin to your own company databases and systems.

"We found the ITAL Pay application to be good for our inspectors as it saved time and provided a secure and quick way to take funds from customers paying for penalty fares etc. It became something we rolled out to all our inspectors."
Kim Bucknell
Head of Revenue Protection at Abellio Greater Anglia