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ITAL’s range of payment solutions makes payment processing on the move simpler and more agile.

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ITAL PAY is ideal for fixed locations such as car parking, train, tram or bus payments. It is also perfect for temporary events such as festivals, pop-ups, club events and for payments on the move such as home deliveries.

The ITAL PAY range of options brings together four payment processing methods that, whether working together as a turnkey solution, or individually integrated within your existing system, makes the ability to collect payments on the move smarter and simpler.

ITAL Pay brings together everything you need for an easy integration payments system

ITAL Pay Mobile

Take payments with confidence anywhere with our secure mobile payment solution

ITAL Pay Operator

Payments and payment plans linked with your own company databases and systems

ITAL Pay Web

Integrated into your company website systems and databases

ITAL Pay Auto

24 hour telephone payment lines linked to your own company databases and systems

Companies are using payment solutions from ITAL because:

Field workers can reassuringly take mobile payments swiftly and securely knowing that their customer's transaction is safe

Customers can make payments using all available methods, offering a quicker and better customer experience

Businesses increase revenue and take the complexity out of payment admin with faster, more efficient payment processing

Real-time payment software means transactions are processed quickly and smoothly and fraud is reduced with instant verification checks

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Perfect for field agents who are required to take payments while on the move.

   Small, lightweight device can be carried easily, reducing fatigue and making it easier to manage.

   Real-time payment software means transactions are processed quickly and smoothly and fraud is reduced with instant verification checks.

   Access to reporting tools allows the operator to monitor payment activity in real-time, so fraudulent payments can be immediately picked up.

   Businesses increase revenue and take the complexity out of payment admin with faster, more efficient payment processing.

ITAL PAY Operator

In a world of automation, ITAL PAY Operator allows businesses to offer a personal service while still maintaining the advantages of systems as a service.

   ITAL PAY Operator equips your existing telephony team with system software that integrates with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology and without the need for intrusive hardware configurations.

   Businesses can confidently support customers who are experiencing difficulties or who dislike automated systems while still enjoying real-time statistics and reporting on calls, payments, IVR configurations and agents.

   ITAL can also host a fully staffed telephony service with ITAL PAY Operator benefits if required. 

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Hand holding payment card
Hand holding payment card


This secure payment service authenticates the cardholder at the time of the transaction, unlike many traditional on-line payment methods which are processed overnight as part of a batch ‘card not present’ system. This means if funds are not available, ITAL PAY Web can flag the issue at the time of purchase, reducing the possibility of fraudulent card use and reducing exposure to disputed card transactions.

   Delivering a totally secure processing system that meets the payment industry’s most stringent security requirements, bringing confidence to both business and their customer

   Offering customers’ a 24/7 service as payments can be made any time using this simple, easy to use web service

   Integrating into your existing company website systems and databases 


This auto payment solution enables businesses to securely capture, integrate and process card payment information without the need for an agent, bringing additional flexibility to your customers.

   Sensitive data is protected as information is taken by a secure system with no human contact involved. Callers can be sure their information is protected and businesses can be sure information is not being fraudulently retained internally

   PCI DSS compliant as all card transactions are completed within an accredited secure area

   Prevent duplicate transactions with ITAL PAY Auto as multiple payment channels are monitored. This is particularly useful where there is limited stock availability or where products are sold across multiple platforms

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PCI DSS Compliance – ITAL PAY removes the headache

Companies which accept credit card payments as part of their day to day operation are required to ensure their processes are PCI DSS or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliant. This can be an additional burden for companies who want to adhere to the data security standards that PCI DSS compliance brings, but find that the application of compliance is often beyond their own scope.

ITAL PAY removes the strain because with ITAL PAY solutions, all credit card transactions are completed within an accredited secure area, in effect descoping your business from PCI DSS compliance by ensuring it is already integrated to your ITAL PAY solution.

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For more information on the functionality or to discuss ways ITAL’s payment processing solutions can help, contact the team.