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Making mobile notice issuing simple - and paperless

Often used by the railway or parking industry, where it is used by enforcement officers to issue penalty fares or parking charge notices, this enforcement application offers a notice builder and address verification service.

Field workers can issue and print a penalty notice directly to a customer, even in areas with little or no mobile data, allowing mobile operatives to continue their work with no delays.

Secured Sensitive Information

Sensitive information is captured electronically and securely passed to the back-office system​

Faster & More Efficient

Enforcement solutions are issued faster and more efficiently than a paper-based systems.​

Verification via PAF Database

Offline system allows name and address verification via PAF database for notice issuing without delay or disruption to the field worker.*​

Previous Offender History

Previous offender history available in your hand to assist with the decision-making process.​

Easy Payment

Easy for the customer to make a payment, or appeal as appropriate, as all the data captured can be transferred to any back office database immediately.​

Our bespoke mobile applications are developed in response to customer requirements, as we work together to create useful, efficient and affordable ways to help businesses simplify their daily processes.

Surveys and reporting made simple with ITAL Mobile

Our Survey Building application and Bespoke Reporting system can work with a customer’s existing system or with our own ITAL developed technologies.

We created Survey Builder and our reporting applications as flexible tools to enable customers to configure surveys and forms and produce tailored reports designed specifically for their individual needs.

In the process, we saved field workers’ time, and built in accuracy, as shift-sheets and forms are completed in real-time on a mobile device, instead of manual form completion before and after shifts.

Survey Builder brings in-built simplification to an every-day process:

Bespoke Reporting brings custom reporting for more insightful management information:

"ITAL have modernised our revenue protection system from a paper-based system to a fully electronic one which has reduced the number of errors considerably. In turn, this has increased our chance to collect outstanding debts and prosecute those that do not want to pay."
Ian Palmer
Revenue Protection and Security Manager, C2C Rail