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Parking on Railway Land: The easier way to manage Penalty Notices

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ITAL understands the complexity and strain of managing Penalty Notice appeals and prosecutions on railway land. That’s why we’ve developed a simple and cost-effective solution that removes the headache and takes away the stress; freeing up railway car park operators to focus their time elsewhere.

We already have a wealth of experience offering appeals and prosecutions software to railways operators. Now, with adapted systems suitable for railway car parks, we’re ready to integrate with your existing system within weeks.

We’re already paving the way in the appeals and prosecutions on railway land field:

  • 10 rail companies and Transport for London’s rail and bus services use the fair avoidance appeals service
  • 650 appeals handled per week
  • 7,500 cases prosecuted since January 2018
  • 14 years' experience with our appeals system set up in 2003

Our solution:

Our Penalty Charge Appeals System

  • Easy to integrate, immediate labour and productivity savings and improved efficiency
  • Improves customer satisfaction with dedicated appeals tracking website
  • Access to a comprehensive dashboard which provides valuable insights into trends.


Our Penalty Charge Prosecutions Service

  • With over 7 years’ experience delivering a high-quality management bureau service to our clients, our SaaS (System as a Service) offering allows you to use the software for your business needs
  • Status driven, trigger point dashboard simplifies the prosecution process allowing the tracking of case movement
  • Integrated letter templates and incorporated mail fulfilment facility saves time and stationery costs
  • User management ability with permission settings
  • Optional PCI-DSS Compliant payment facilities both automated and manned.


In conjunction with Mail Fulfilment – A simple, cost efficient way to manage Penalty Charge mailing processes. More information on this service.

We’re already paving the way in the appeals and prosecutions field:

  • Want a competitive edge
  • Need to integrate new technology with existing systems
  • Know there is a more efficient way to deliver day-to-day processes
  • Want to focus on their core business while the rest takes care of itself

The Appeals Service staff are professional, knowledgeable, friendly and provide a prompt service. ITAL have provided a very good database for us to process appeals.

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