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Name and Address Verification

The ability to quickly and easily check names and addresses is a simple but effective tool in the fight against fraud.

ITAL has developed an effective system for transport operators which not only checks the validity of names and addresses against the electoral role, but also taps into over four years’ of shared transport company intelligence to determine if the passengers is a repeat offender. The ITAL Name and Verification Service can flag up any previous fines, penalties or prosecutions, equipping the transport worker to take swift action.

The Name and Address Verification Service from ITAL delivers:

  • Staffed help desk services for when direct assistance is required
  • ‘Wild keys’ which can check against part address or name information. The provision of post codes is not necessary
  • Shared passenger history information from all transport companies enabling speedy identification of persistent offenders
  • Choice of next step for the company official who, with all necessary information to hand, can decide how to proceed – penalty fare, unpaid fare, MG11, yellow card etc

We have used the ITAL address verification helpdesk for a number of years they provide a really fast and efficient service meaning we can speedily and effectively deal with customers reducing their stress as well as ensuring the accurate details we get reduce wasted time and maximise the return for our business. The staff themselves are always courteous and helpful and willing to move resources to support any special events we may have.

Richard Mallett, Senior Revenue Protection Manager, South Western Railway

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ITAL receives an average of 1300 calls per day, on average answered within 8 seconds, ensuring that 99% of all calls are answered; providing an exceptional service to:

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