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ITAL's electronic mailing solution helps customers with the efficient processing of large volumes of letters. Together with savings on administration costs, this ITAL solution makes volume mail fulfilment simple.

ITAL's print management system allows large volumes of documentation, as well as individual letters, to be uploaded securely as a PDF file via an API link to an existing system. The uploaded documentation can then be selected and printed by your chosen mail fulfilment company. Status reports are sent daily for active monitoring of progress.

This web based solution allows the end user complete transparency through the process, allowing the sender to view the status of batches for auditing purposes.

Print manager screen 1
Print manager screen 2

ITAL's Web Based Electronic Mailing System:

  • Reduces risk of human error such as double enclosure
  • Can be used for single letter application as well as batch sending
  • Documents can be viewed or removed from any batch prior to posting

Companies with mail fulfilment needs are already benefiting from ITAL's print management solution, while many of our customers also use the system in tandem with our Prosecutions Solutions and Mercury Enforcement Solution. Find out more here.


3228 letters per 4 week period, or 162 letter per day are currently processed for our client Arriva Rail North.

We’ve worked with the Print Manager software for five years, and have benefited from the development and refinements as time has gone on. We find it extremely user-friendly, secure, intuitive and easy to use. The tracking and chain of custody features are extremely useful. In essence the Print Manager software does all the hard work for us.

Adam Stafford, Sales Director, Baker Goodchild

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