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Independent, Transparent & Fair: An independent appeals processing service for penalty and unpaid fare notices

ITAL developed the Appeals Service in response to a growing requirement from customers, passenger groups and government officials, for an independent, arms-length service to deal with customer appeals.

Since 2003 ITAL has offered a remote appeals processing service that today:

  • Serves 10 rail companies and Transport for London’s rail and bus services
  • Handles around 650 appeals per week
  • Can be custom built to integrate with existing systems or be delivered as part of a complete enforcement processing solution

The dedicated Appeals Service website gives customers who wish to appeal against the issuing of a penalty full visibility and control over the process; from payment of fines, uploading of documents to submission and tracking of the appeal.

Full statistical data and management information is available simply and easily, in either bespoke or ready-made configuration. The ITAL ‘client kiosk’ is a secure document portal which allows customers and watchdog organisations to view specific cases, look at all sent and received correspondence and ultimately to understand the reasons behind the final decision taken.

The Appeals Service adheres to a strict code of practice.

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Since working with the Appeals Service GWR has been really pleased with the approach taken by the team. The communication has been brilliant and the service to both ourselves and our customers has been polite, professional, and efficient. We are extremely pleased and relieved at how well the transition from another supplier has been and I could not recommend the Appeals Service more to train operators who require an independent appeals body.

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