ITAL bring clarity, transparency and efficiency to the sensitive area of protecting revenues

ITAL recognises that the process of revenue protection can be complex and challenging. From field and support staff who are required to execute penalties and fines, to the efficient and transparent dealing of appeals, from prosecution administration to the recording and reporting of transactions for regulatory and watchdog feedback; any opportunity to make processing more simple is to be welcomed.

ITAL has over 14 years’ experience developing systems and processes that make the delivery, administration and reporting of enforcement solutions more efficient. For both businesses who require simplicity and efficiency of processing, and end customers who are looking for transparency and fairness of systems.

ITAL has worked very closely with TfL in the past 12 months to design an integrated and modern enforcement database incorporating prosecutions, penalty fares and concessions management systems.

Transport for London Enforcement Manager

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ITAL enforcement solutions include:

Mercury Mobile Enforcement App

A simple, easy to use application which makes the issuing of penalties and fines simple and efficient. Connecting to a variety of portable payment devices and printers, the ITAL solution can be configured to meet any requirement.


Case-Management Systems

Mercury Enforcement Solutions

A complete, self-managed service that brings all revenue protection case-management under one roof.


IRCAS Independent Revenue Collection and Support

A fully supported service that handles all areas of revenue protection processing, from initial mobile notice issuing to final payment or prosecution. IRCAS brings independence to customers and valuable auditing, reporting and processing to businesses.


Enforcement Settlement

Appeals Service

A fully independent, transparent and fair system for appeals processing, tracking and administering. Can be used with IRCAS systems or integrated with a third party provider.


PayMe Payment Solutions

ITAL's own payment processing systems are used to facilitate payment for unpaid fines or penalties as part of our enforcement solutions.


Prosecution Software

A variety of systems and solutions to make processing and tracking simpler, whether fully supported by ITAL through our IRCAS service or through our Mercury Enforcement self-managed system.


The Appeals Service staff are professional, knowledgeable, friendly and provide a prompt service. ITAL have provided a very good database for us to process appeals.

Transport for London Investigations, Appeals and Prosecutions Enforcement & On-Street Operations

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Whether self-managed systems, a supported service, or a hybrid of both, ITAL brings flexible systems and processes that bring efficiencies, cost savings and increase conversion rates.

ITAL's enforcement solutions provide:

  • Plugins to support mail fulfilment, mobile notice issuing and name and address verification
  • Fully staffed customer services department if required
  • Second appeals and full reporting as standard
  • Third stage appeals ready as required
  • General Data Protection Ready (GDPR) compliant with full encryption
  • Simplified processing of letter processing, name and address verification and application tracking
  • Tailored reports and statistics that help bring insights and areas of improvement to business processes
  • Simplified prosecutions processing through ITAL’s prosecutions workflow software, supported by experienced prosecution administration staff if required

Enforcement Solutions For Everyone

ITAL works closely with customer watchdogs in each relevant sector, and with the Department for Transport for railway revenue protection solutions, to ensure approved and trusted processes in place that benefit customers, employees and the company.

As a trusted and assured leader in the field of enforcement solutions, commended for the independence and transparency of its appeals service, ITAL has been working with the Department for Transport on the implementation of the new Penalty Fares Regime for the rail industry.

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