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Mobile Notice Issuing

Faster and more secure mobile notice issuing from ITAL

ITAL developed the Mobile Notice Issuing App in response to requests from organisations who issue fines or penalties as a method of protecting revenues and enforcing compliance.

Often used by the railway or parking industry, where it is used by enforcement officers to issue penalty fares or parking charge notices, this enforcement application offers a notice builder and address verification service. Field workers can issue and print a penalty notice directly to a customer, even in areas with little or no mobile data, allowing mobile operatives to continue their work with no delays.

Making mobile notice issuing simple - and paperless

  • Sensitive information is captured electronically and securely loaded to the back-office system
  • Enforcement solutions are issued faster and more efficiently than a paper-based system
  • Fraud is reduced via the name and address verification application
  • Off-line system allows for name and address verification and notice issuing with no delays or disruption to the customer or worker.

Supported customers:

Abellio c2c

Mobile Notice Issuing available both on and off line

Organisations appreciate the availability of the system both on and off-line. Field workers operating in an off-line situation can use the off-line templates available, print the notice for the customer via Bluetooth and upload the notice when working on-line again.

ITAL have modernised our revenue protection system from a paper-based system to a fully electronic one which has reduced the number of errors considerably. In turn, this has increased our chance to collect outstanding debts and prosecute those that do not want to pay.

Ian Palmer, Revenue Protection and Security Manager, C2C Rail

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