Bespoke Mobile Solutions
Form Builder & Bespoke Reporting

Surveys and forms made simple with ITAL's Form Builder and Bespoke Reporting solutions.

Many of ITAL’s bespoke applications use forms and reporting as part of the technology solution. So we created Form Builder and reporting applications as flexible tools to enable customers to configure surveys and forms and produce tailored reports designed specifically for their individual needs.

In the process, we saved field workers' time, and built in accuracy, as shift-sheets and forms are completed in real-time on a mobile device, instead of manual form completion before and after shifts.

Our Form Builder application and Bespoke Reporting system can work with a customer’s existing systems or with other ITAL developed technologies. Forms are completed on a mobile device and submitted for audit via an ITAL or independent back-office reporting system. While our Bespoke Reporting tool can be linked to any ITAL application that captures data.

Form Builder brings in-built simplification to an every-day process:

  • Flexibility to capture information in real-time as necessary
  • Forms can be created from existing PDF documents or configured as required
  • Mandatory forms/sheets can be completed on a mobile device throughout a shift and uploaded automatically to a back-office system
  • Fully configurable with a back-office system that collates all captured data for audit or export purposes

Bespoke Reporting brings custom reporting for more insightful management information:

  • Spot trends for repeat incidents/offences
  • Calculate totals/percentages from captured data
  • Track the output of a typical day in the life of a field-worker
  • Industry specific reports include ticketless travel totals and percentages, incident reports and offences
  • Customised, easy to use reports
  • Export function so that data can be collated and used in various formats
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