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Field Worker Protection

Peace of mind with ITAL's Field Worker Protection app.

Field worker safety is one of the most important considerations for any business. ITAL has developed a simple but effective tool to allow lone workers to trigger an alarm if ever they find themselves in a vulnerable position.

The application gives the user the option of triggering an alert on their mobile device, usually an amber alert depending on the severity of the situation. This in turn triggers a re-occurring alarm to an operation centre via a back-office platform. GPS tracking ensures the lone worker’s location is easily identified so that help can be dispatched. The re-occurring alert is only stopped by manual clearing of the alarm once colleague safety is assured.

If the scenario escalates, the field worker can trigger a red alert, which opens a chain of command whereby managers and supervisors can see what is happening via the GPS technology. Once again appropriate and immediate help and support can be called.

ITAL’s Field Worker Protection solution also offers added intelligence. If the device of the worker has landed from height, this will trigger an alert for a ‘man down’ scenario.

Organisations who are responsible for the protection of their mobile workers are increasingly turning to ITAL for the peace of mind this application brings. As well as bringing greater security to workers with the knowledge and security of this protection tool at their fingertips, it also removes the need for regular contact with a central point as a way to monitor safety.

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