ITAL formed: A small group of experienced transport and IT professionals with a strong belief that the railway industry could benefit froma more innovative approach to administrative processes, particularly around revenue protection.

Early Years

The founding group started developing systems that would streamline the processing of penalty fares. For the first time passengers could pay their penalty fares online or via a 24-hour payment line.

Broadened Horizons

As over a dozen train and bus operating companies started to work with ITAL, we looked to apply our passion for process simplification to other industries. Bespoke apps and software solutions dedicated to industries with mobile workers were born. Partnerships with like-minded UK technology companies to help create accessible, affordable and clever solutions were made.


Our work now helps inform passenger groups and government policy makers, going some way towards our original ambition of helping to improve the railway – and other similar industries – to streamline their admin processes.

Today ITAL employs 70 people providing job opportunities for industry, IT and admin specialists. We continue to develop and integrate telephone, mobile and cloud-based technologies which help companies meet their customer expectations while keeping operating costs down. Working for ITAL means being part of a community of people who have a passion for new ideas and a tenacity to turn them into a reality. We are proud to have been awarded Investors in People status in 2017.

The ITAL team


  • As the custodians of a truly independent appeals services, we work closely with the Department for Transport to implement new ideas that benefit train operators and passengers alike.
  • We are developing a range of payment solutions that change the way customers are able to make payments in temporary or mobile situations.

And the ideas keep coming. ITAL makes processes simple. It was our original ambition and is still what drives our curiosity and our business today and tomorrow

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