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Businesses today are looking for new and creative ways to bring efficiencies and productivity improvements to their operations.

Established in 2003, ITAL develops software solutions that delivers these efficiencies. Whether bespoke applications for field workers, or software and back-office support for improved reporting and processing, ITAL creates solutions that support organisations to improve their business efficiency.

Our work helps inform passenger groups and government policy makers, going some way towards our original ambition of helping to improve the railway – and other similar industries – to streamline their processes.

We continue to develop and integrate telephone, mobile and cloud-based technologies which help companies meet their customer expectations while keeping operating costs down. Working for ITAL means being part of a community of people who have a passion for new ideas and a tenacity to turn them into a reality.

We are proud to have been awarded Investors in People silver status in 2020.

What Makes Us Different​

We always start with the problem, not the technology, creating systems and solutions that meet the customer’s situation. We know it is highly unlikely that what worked for one company will work for another in exactly the same way. That’s why we always approach a problem with fresh eyes, knowing that small differences in operations and environments can make big differences to how well a solution works in a specific customer environment.

We work alongside specialist technology partners where the additional expertise is required, and we work together with internal IT teams, ensuring the solution we bring is equipped to work seamlessly with existing technology. Our highly-regarded training and customer service support means we are always on-hand to answer any questions, while ensuring we equip users to work with our services smoothly, getting the most from all the solution has to offer, whether it is a SaaS solution, bespoke build or a fully supported end to end solution.

*Based on daily figures for Transport for London –  London Underground (2019)